Town of Amherst NH


In Amherst, we currently recycle a little more then one fifth of our waste at the transfer station.  That’s pretty good, but our recycling rate can still be improved as some neighboring towns with higher rates, including Hollis, have shown.

Each ton of trash cost us more than $82, while recycled items cost much less, or can even be sold for a profit. The most profitable category is aluminum cans, which can now  be sold for more than $840.00 a ton.

Besides the aluminum cans, glass, cardboard, and paper, don’t forget the “Swap Shop”, yard waste, metal, electronics, cloth and clothing, and the clean lumber pile. The transfer station will also sell you a composting bin for $35 so you can compost your own yard and kitchen wastes at home. Ask at the scale house for a composting bin.

Use the Amherst recycling flyer for current information about recycling categories and methods at the transfer station. Ask at the scale house or ask an attendant or volunteer, if you have any questions. Recycling strategies will change as prices and methods change. The recycling flyer will be kept up to date as quickly as possible, but signs or attendants may ask you to modify your recycling strategies or to pay a different price at times. The attendants at the transfer station have the latest information. Their instructions should be followed.

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