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Property Assessments

Assessing Office

Address: Town Hall, First Floor, 2 Main St.
Business Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM M-F
Phone: (603) 673-6041 x202
Fax: (603) 673-4138

Public Announcement:  The Town of Amherst has partnered with the Nashua Regional Planning Commission to provide a public online Live Maps application that places standard GIS maps and land-use related information online in a region-wide interactive format.  The Live Maps application will be linked with the Town’s property assessment software Vision Government Solutions and should be open to the public by the end of 2013.  In addition, ownership information will now be included on Property Assessment Cards currently available at this website.    Any property owner may request this information be suppressed from these websites by sending an email request to the Assessing Office at, by fax to (603)673-0178, or through the mail at Town of Amherst Assessing Office, P.O. Box 960, Amherst, NH  03031.  All information currently suppressed from the Vision website will remain suppressed.  Telephone inquiries may be directed to Michele Crowley in the Amherst Assessing Office at (603)673-6041 Ext. 202.

The Amherst Assessing Office is responsible for calculating the Assessed Value of each property in Amherst and ensuring that each is assessed equitably in relation to market value. Property taxes are then calculated, based on the assessed value of each property. Amherst utilized software provided by Vision Government Solutions of Northboro, MA. The assessed values of Amherst properties can be found on the following link:

Check out NRPC’s new LIVE MAPS app which combines the tax map parcel data with annually updated information from the Vision database.

As of July 2012, the firm of KRT Appraisal was hired by the Town of Amherst to act as the Town’s Assessing Agent. The Assessing Agent makes recommendations to The Board of Selectmen for property valuations, tax abatements, supplemental tax bills, and matters regarding property tax cards/maps and the computer assessed mass appraisal (CAMA) software.

In April of 2013 Richard Dorsett Jr., Certified New Hampshire Assessor, joined the firm of KRT. Richard Dorsett brings with him 10 years of assessing experience and most of these 10 years have been spent here in Amherst working under our previous contracted assessing company. We are extremely happy to have him back with us in the same capacity. Mr. Dorsett usually spends three full days in Amherst so please feel free to call to speak or set up an appointment with him in regards to any questions you may have on your assessment, exemption, tax credits, etc., or contact Michele Crowley at

In April of 2015 Keith Hawley joined the firm of KRT Appraisal as the Assistant Assessor.  Richard Dorsett and Keith Hawley will be checking on new construction, outstanding building permits and measuring and listing a quarter of the town’s real estate inventory each year. Both men have a photo ID, carry a letter from the Town, and have their vehicles registered with the Amherst Police Department. If you are in doubt you may call Michele Crowley Assessing Executive Assistant at 603-673-6041 ext. 202 to confirm their identity.

Applications for all exemptions, tax credits, and current use must be filed no later than April 15th preceding the setting of the tax rate (RSA 72:33). The taxpayer must be qualified for the exemption or tax credit as of April 1st of the tax year claimed. The financial qualifications will be judged as of the time the application is filed. The Assessing Officials are to provide a written decision on all applications submitted. All these forms may be obtained from this link: Most of these applications require additional information to be submitted so you will need to file these directly with the Assessing Office or postmarked by the deadline date.

Application for abatements must be made by March 1st following the notice of the tax. The Assessing Officials are to grant or deny the abatement by July 1st. The taxpayer may appeal the denial of an abatement to The Board of Tax and Land Appeals or to Superior Court, but not both by September 1st. These dates are adjusted if the tax bills are mailed after December 31st.  This and all information regarding assessing practices and RSA’s is available on this link: To download an abatement form click here.


March 1 Last day to file for abatements for the previous tax year.

March 31 Last day for owners to notify assessing officials that “Intent to Cut” will be extended for the previous year.

April 15 Last day to file application for property tax exemption, tax credit, or deferral for the upcoming tax year.

April 15 Last day for religious, educational, and charitable organizations to file annual list of all exempt property with assessing officials. Refusal to file may be grounds for denial.

April 15 Last day to file application for “Current Use” for the upcoming tax year.

May 15 Last day to file “Report of Cut” for the previous year.

Email us with any assessing questions. Please click on the links below for details on exemptions and tax credits.


Tax Credits

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