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Village Strategic Planning

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As part of a multi-year strategic planning process, the Board of Selectmen (BOS), working with the Nashua Regional Planning Commission (NRPC), are undertaking a Village Strategic Planning project to engage town government; boards, commissions and committees; schools; and town residents and businesses in framing an holistic vision of what they hope the village to be in the years ahead along with initiatives and investments needed to make that vision a reality.

In October 2014, BOS launched two planning teams — a steering committee and an outreach committee — to collaborate with NRPC team members to solicit as many ideas as possible regarding the village area. NRPC will help categorize these into issue areas for further thinking by the committee. The goal is to present a vision, plan, and related investments to Amherst townspeople for input prior to presenting a finalized proposal to the BOS for their consideration in June 2015.

Some topics that are being covered include:
• Roadways, traffic flow, parking, walkability and overall public safety;
• The mix of utilities and how/where they are located/delivered;
• Preserving the historical nature of the area (buildings and landscape);
• The mix of residences and businesses;
• Attracting more people to the village, the common, and environs.

The committees comprise 24 people drawn from town government, schools, and boards along with residents and business people.

For more information, contact Committee Chair Mike Akillian,

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