Town of Amherst NH

Tax Maps

2015 Tax Maps

The  Tax Maps are now available online and in the Assessing Office. The maps were produced in digital format (GIS) in partnership with the Nashua Regional Planning Commission.  These maps detail Amherst’s taxable properties, road names, scenic roads, property zoning, and related information. They are provided on 25 separate maps, each showing a different sections of town. Upon request the individual PDF files for each map document can be emailed.

  • Amherst Index Map
  • MAP 1: Rt. 101A, Standish Way, Hollis Road (Rt. 122).
  • MAP 2: Rt. 101A, Hollis Road (Rt. 122), Northern Blvd., Caldwell Drive, Boston Post Road, Windsor Drive.
  • MAP 3: Rt. 101, Ponemah Road (Rt. 122), Merrimack Road. Nathan Lord Road.
  • MAP 4: Rt. 101, Boston Post Road, County Road, Thorntons Ferry Road II.
  • MAP 5: Rt. 13, Christian Hill Road, Lyndeborough Road, Dodge Road, Shadow Dr.
  • MAP 6: Rt. 101, Baboosic Lake Road, Spring Road, County Road, Walnut Hill, Blueberry Hill, Dodge Road,
  • MAP 7: Mack Hill Road, Boston Post Road, Mont Vernon Road, New Boston Road, Dodge Road.
  • MAP 8: Rt. 101, Horace Greeley Road, Walnut Hill, Holly Hill, Camp Road.
  • MAP 9: Mack Hill Road, Hubbard Road.
  • MAP 10: Horace Greeley Road, Chestnut Hill Road, Pulpit Run.
  • MAP 11: Chestnut Hill Road, The Flume.
  • MAP 12: Craftsman Lane, Truell Road, Rt. 101A
  • MAP 13: Boston Post Road, Meadown Lane.
  • MAP 14: Merrimack Road, Border Street, Souhegan Ave.
  • MAP 15: Amherst Street, Border Street
  • MAP 16: Amherst Street, Court House Road. Thorntons Ferry Road I.
  • MAP 17: Main Street, Middle Street, Church Street.
  • MAP 18: Amherst Street (Rt. 122), Manchester Road, Court House Road.
  • MAP 19: Mack Hill Road, Jones Road, New Boston Road.
  • MAP 20: Dodge Road, Manchester Road, Oak Hill Dr.
  • MAP 21: New Boston Road, Flanders Road, Old Coach Lane.
  • MAP 22: Mack Hill Road.
  • MAP 23: New Boston Road, Mack Hil Road.
  • MAP 24: Greenwood (Eastside) Drive, Broadway, Hillside Ave., Lake Front Street.
  • MAP 25: Broadway, Washer Cove Road, West Street.

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Last Update: 7/16/15

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