Town of Amherst NH

Memorial Day

Friday Evening, May 30, 2014

Amherst Memorial Day Parade 1948
Photo from Amherst Historical Society Collection

Our annual Friday Evening Sunset Parade allows for the participation of all citizens who wish to gather to observe Memorial Day in a traditional respectful way, prior to any departure for weekend travel. Veterans, scouts, and the citizenry are welcome to join the parade in recognition of those who have died in service to their country, be they military, foreign service, civil service, fire, police, and/or rescue service personnel. For further information contact the Memorial Day observation chair Marie Grella at 673-4905 or


Village parade forms with dignitaries on Middle Street and others on the large common


Parade Steps off:
Stops at 4 Village Cemeteries and Monuments


Post parade ceremonies (time is approximate) on the large common.

Parade goes light-rain or shine; excepting thunderstorms

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