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Strategic Planning / Budget Process

Creating a Desired Future:

An Integrated Approach to Strategic Thinking and Planning

Updating departmental strategic plans launched in 2013 has been a top priority for all departments within the Amherst Town Government. In FY14, department heads collaborated with their personnel to develop a range of multi-year plans and budgets – showing alternative tradeoffs in outcomes and expenditures required to deliver them. This, as will be the case every year, department heads are refreshing those plans based on changes in legislation, technology, best practices, demand for services, etc. that have occurred over the past year. These revised presentations are being shared publicly at Board of Selectmen meetings in September 2014.

The presentations, schedules, and additional information can be found on this page and will be updated as changes occur and more information becomes available. Please click on plan links as they become available.

Please see agenda postings for meeting start times and locations.

FY17 Strategic Plans and Budget Process:

Community Development, Presented September 14, 2015

Community Development Strategic Plan - presentation

Library, Presented September 28, 2015

Library Strategic Plan - presentation

Police Department, Presented September 14, 2015

Police Department - presentation

Department of Public Works, Presented September 28, 2015

Department of Public Works - presentation

Recreation Department, Presented September 28, 2015

Recreation Department - presentation

Tax & Assessing Department, Presented September 14, 2015

Tax & Assessing Department Strategic Plan - presentation

FY16 Strategic Plans and Budget Process:

Administration Presented October 27, 2014

Administration Strategic Plan - presentation

Amherst EMS Division Presented October 27, 2014

Amherst EMS - presentation

Fire Department Presented October 27, 2014

Fire Department - presentation

Police Department Presented September 22, 2014

Police Department Strategic Plan - presentation

Police Department Strategic Plan - written report

Office of Community Development Presented September 22, 2014

Office of Community Development Plan - presentation

Office of Community Development Plan - written report

Library Presented September 22, 2014

Library Plan - presentation

Library Plan - written report

Recreation Department Presented September 22, 2014

Recreation Department - presentation

Tax & Assessing Department Presented October 14, 2014

Tax & Assessing Department - presentation

Department of Public Works Presented October 14, 2014

Department of Public Works - presentation

Department of Public Works - written report


FY15 Strategic Plans and Budget Process:

Board of Selectmen – Presented June 2013

* Strategic Planning Process

Police Department Presented September 9, 2013

*Police Department Strategic Plan * Presentation

*Police Department Strategic Plan * Written Report

EMS Department Presented: September 16, 2013

* EMS Department Strategic Plan * Presentation

Fire Department Presented: September 30, 2013

* Fire Department Strategic Plan * Presentation

* Fire Department Strategic Plan * Written Report

Library Presented: September 30, 2013 

*Library Strategic Plan * Presentation

*Library Strategic Plan * Written Report

Office of Community Development – Presented: October 21, 2013

* Community Development Strategic Plan * Presentation

* Community Development Strategic Plan * Written Report

Department of Public Works – Presented: October 21, 2013

* Department of Public Works * Presentation

* Department of Public Works * Written Report

CIP Committee  -Presented: October 28. 2013

* CIP Committee * Presentation

Recreation Department – Presented: October 28, 2013

* Recreation Department * Presentation

Town Administration – Presented: October 28, 2013

* Town Administration * Presentation

Board of Selectman – February 5, 2013 Presentation

* FY 15 Budget and Warrant Deliberative Presentation * Presentation

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