Rules, Regulations & Ordinances

All town rules, regulations, ordinances and policies are available at the Town Hall, during regular business hours.

Town Ordinances and Regulations: These land use related ordinances and regulations were all reformatted in early 2013 to improve readability and create a consistent numbering format. If you have any questions on the reformatting please let us know.

  • CHAPTER A: Zoning Ordinances, last updated 3-10-2015
  • CHAPTER B: Subdivision Regulations, last updated before 2007
  • CHAPTER C: Non-Residential Site Plan Regulations, last updated October 21, 2015
  • CHAPTER D: Historic District Commission Regulations, last updated October 17, 2013
  • CHAPTER E: Scenic Roads Regulations, last updated before 2007
  • CHAPTER F: Road Specifications 1971, last updated before 2007
  • CHAPTER G: Septic System Ordinance, last updated 7-27-15
  • CHAPTER H: Building Ordinance, last updated 3-10-2015
  • CHAPTER I: Stormwater Regulations, last updated before 2007
  • CHAPTER J: Applicable State Statutes, last updated before 2007


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