Town of Amherst NH



1. Where should I send a donation?

Monetary donations should be sent to:


Amherst Recreation Department

4 Cross Rd

Amherst, NH 03031

If you would prefer to drop off a donation, please call us at 603-673-1141 or 603-673-6248.

2. How will my donation be used?

Monetary donations are used to fund program scholarships, educational materials, science equipment, art and craft supplies, special events, and more.

3. Are donations tax deductible?

Yes, the PMEC is a part of the Town of Amherst and is tax-exempt under Section 115(1) of the Internal Revenue Code with contributions tax deductible as provided in Section 170(c)(1) of the Code.

4. Aside from monetary donations, is there anything else the PMEC needs?

We do accept some donations of art and craft supplies, mounted animals and hides, furniture, and other items. If you think you have something we would be interested in, please call us at 603-673-6248 or 603-673-1141.

Volunteer Opportunities

1. Are you looking for volunteers?

We are always looking for fresh faces to help with indoor and outdoor projects, programs, and public relations. More information can be found on our volunteer page at If you are interested in volunteering, please call us at 603-673-6248 or 603-673-1141.

2. Can I earn community service hours for volunteering?

Yes. You can earn community service hours for volunteering with the PMEC.

3.  My scout group/ church group/ family would like to volunteer. Who should I contact?

We are always looking for groups to help us with a variety of projects. Please call us at 603-673-6248 or 603-673-1141.

About PMEC

1. What does the PMEC do?

The Peabody Mill Environmental Center (PMEC) is an environmental and science education center which abuts almost 600 acres of Joe English conservation land. Located at the end of Brook Road in Amherst, New Hampshire, the PMEC is directed by the Amherst Recreation Department.

The mission of PMEC is to foster an awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the natural world, by offering environmental, conservation, and science programs to all ages. PMEC strives to foster diligent stewardship of our environment so that future generations may inherit and continue to be inspired by the wonders of a protected and natural world.

The Many Uses of Peabody Mill Environmental Center Include the Following:

• Educational Workshops

• Informational Classes and Discussions

• Environmental Programs

• Scheduled Hikes

• Summer Day Programs

• Classroom Nature Programs

• On-Site Nature Programs

• School Vacation Programs

• Scouting Programs

• Snowshoe Rentals

• Birthday Celebrations

• Nature Museum and Library

• Use by groups for educational purposes ie., art classes

• Limited use for small meetings for supporting organizations

2. Can I rent the PMEC building for social functions?

Yes. The PMEC is available for social functions, but alcohol is not allowed.

3. How do I get directions to the PMEC?

Directions are posted at:

4. How do I contact PMEC?

You can call the PMEC at 603-673-1141 or the Amherst Recreation Department at 603-673-6248.

5. What is the history of PMEC?

Our history is posted at: .

PMEC Programs

1. Where can I get information about upcoming PMEC programs?

Visit the Amherst Recreation website at:

2. How do I register myself, my family, or my child for a PMEC program?

Registrations are accepted:

1. On-line: At using a credit card.

2. By mail: Complete your registration form (available at and return it with full payment to Amherst Recreation, 4 Cross Road, Amherst, NH 03031

3. In person: The recreation office is located at 4 Cross Road, Amherst, NH.

General Information:

All registration is available on a space available basis.

Registrations cannot be processed without full payment.

Minimum and maximum registration numbers have been set for all programs. If the minimum numbers are not met the program may be cancelled.

The date, time or location for any program may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Register Early. Nothing “Kills” a program quicker than everyone waiting until the last minute to register for it! At some point, we have to determine if our enrollment is sufficient to hold the class. If you wait until the first day of the class to register, we may have already cancelled the class.

3.  Can I, my family, and/or my children participate in a PMEC program, even if we don’t live in Amherst?

Yes, anyone may participate in PMEC programs, regardless of where they live.

4. Where can I get information on the Summer Camp Program?

Information can be found on the Amherst Recreation web site at

5. I have an idea for a PMEC program. What should I do?

We love suggestions! If you have any ideas for future programs, please contact us at 603-673-1141 or 603-673-6248.

School Programs

1. What types of school programs does PMEC offer?

PMEC offers a variety of school programs on-site at your school or at the PMEC.  Some information can be found at:  Please contact us at 673-1141 for more information or to customize a program for your school’s needs.

2. Can teachers schedule PMEC educators to come to their schools to teach various lessons?

Yes, PMEC educators can come to your school. Currently, we teach outreach lessons in Mont Vernon and Amherst.  We have also taught in Merrimack, Milford, and Nashua schools.

3. Can I schedule my class to visit PMEC at any time of the school year?

Yes, we have a variety of lessons that can be taught any time during the school year. We can also customize lessons to meet your needs.

4. What grade levels do you teach?

PMEC educators teach all grade levels K-12. We can also accommodate groups of younger children. During this current school year, our educators have taught lessons ranging from Preschool to 11th Grade.

5. Do you teach only environmental science?

No, at PMEC we teach all the sciences. Visit our School Programs Page for a sampling of our lessons. If you do not see the topic you are interested in, we can customize a lesson for you.

6. How do I get a PMEC class for my child’s school?

Speak with your child’s teachers or the administration and contact us to discuss our school programs.

7. Do you have programs for home-schooled students?

Yes. We love to work with homeschool groups. Visit our School Programs Page for program ideas or contact us to discuss the classes that you need.  We also offer monthly Homeschool Classes at PMEC.  Visit for more info on our current offerings.  (Click on Activities and then on Homeschool Programs at PMEC).

Group Programs

1. Does the PMEC have programs for Scouts? Can scouts earn badges at the PMEC? Will you bring the program to us?

Yes. We can do a variety of programs for your scout group. Contact us at 673-1141 for more information.

We also sponsor activities for the benefit of the Girl Scouts served by the Girl Scout Council of the Green & White Mountains. Visit our website at to see a current list of Scout Programs held at PMEC.  (Click on Activities and then on Scout Programs at PMEC).

2. Can I do my Eagle Scout Leadership Project at the PMEC?

We have lots of ideas to help you earn Eagle Scout. Please contact us for more information.

3. Can I have my child’s birthday party at PMEC?

Yes. We love to host Birthday Celebrations at PMEC. More info is available at:

About the Joe English Reservation

1. Where can I get info on the Joe English Reservation?

Trails are maintained by the Amherst Conservation Commission. You can find more info on the Conservation Commission at:

2. Where can I find trail maps?

Maps are available at the kiosk adjacent to the parking area and inside the PMEC.   A printable version of the Joe English Trail map is available HERE  

An interactive trail map is also available at:

3.  Can I bring my dog?

Yes. Dogs are welcome on the PMEC grounds and on the Joe English land. Dogs should be leashed or under voice command. Since hikers and hunters share this land, we would suggest that you make sure that you and your dog wear blaze orange during hunting season.

4.  Can I ride motorized vehicles or bikes on the trails?

No bikes or motorized vehicles are allowed on the Joe English trails.

5. Is hunting allowed on the Joe English Reservation?

Yes. Hunting is allowed during hunting season. We recommend that hikers and hunters use common sense and wear blaze orange during hunting season.

6. Do you have any more info on local hiking spots?

You can get lots of info on local trails at the following places:

Souhegan Valley Land Trust:

Open Spaces in the Nashua, NH Area:

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