Town of Amherst NH

Trustees of the Trust Funds Agenda

Amherst Trustee of Trust Fund

 Thursday April 24, 2014

6:30 pm, Archive Room Amherst Public Library


  1. Approve January 15, 2014 minutes

Town Administrator, James O’Mara four items

1.)    Communications Capital Reserve Withdrawal

2.)    Computer Systems Capital Reserve Withdrawal

3.)    Library Capital Reserve Withdrawal

4.)    Establish a Forestview Cemetery Expendable Trust


  1. Review of Trust Funds: Cambridge Trust
  2. Review research on Trust Funds and Capital Reserve Funds as to posting on website
  3. Elect Chair
  4. Trustees workshop in Spring with Terry Knowles.
  5. Approve Minutes of joint March 18, 2014 meeting with BOS and CT
  6. Update on Cemetery Trust Funds and discussion with Terry Knowles




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