Town of Amherst NH

Recreation Commission Agenda


Town of Amherst

 Recreation Department

 PO BOX 960

   Amherst, NH 03031   

 603 673 6248        603 673 2032 FAX

February 21, 2012

Recreation Commission Meeting

6 PM Recreation Office

Call to Order

Ascertain a Quorum

Audience of Citizens

Acceptance of 1/24/2012 minutes

Old Business

                Deliberative Session February 8, 2012

                Foundation Plan Update   

New Business

Report of Amherst School District                   

Report of Souhegan School District                               

Report of Board of Selectmen                                         

Report of Recreation Committees-Administration, Facility, & PMEC

Report of Recreation Director

                Amherst Baseball Club transition to Recreation Department


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