Town of Amherst NH

Heritage Commission Agenda

 Town of Amherst, NH


Amherst Town Hall

 Thursday, 9 January 2014 at 7:30 PM

 I.      Call to Order

Assign Voting Members and Attendance: 

Regular Members:  Will Ludt, Bill Veillette, Andy Ouellette, Carolyn Quinn, Mary Mahar, Nancy Spears, and Tom Grella- BOS Ex Officio    

Alternate Members: Sandy Fraser, Anne Krantz, Larry McCoy 

Planning Board Liaison: Eric Hahn

II.      Citizens’ Forum

III.      Topics of Discussion

             a.    Project Updates

                     i.    Parker Farm Agricultural Building Progress

                     ii.    Stonewall Strategy and Plan Update

            b.    2014 Budget Update- Status

            c.    Other Commissions and Board News  

IV.      Minutes:  12 December 2013

V.      Commission Members “Round the Table”

VI.      Next Month’s Topics of Discussion (13 February 2014)

           a.    Project Updates

 VII.      Adjourn

 This Meeting is Open to the Public

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