Town Hall Telephones Cause Concerns

During the early part of the month of March, we learned that our telephone system was not functioning properly.  Specifically, messages left at a variety of extensions in the Town Hall were not recorded.  This was discovered following a number of complaints about telephone calls not being returned.  We do not know how long this problem existed but it has now been repaired.  If you called any of the following departments and did not receive a returned call, please try us again.

Town Administrator, Finance, Executive Assistant, Public Assistance, Community Development, Tax Collector, Town Clerk and Assessing.

We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to hearing from you.

Jim O’Mara, Town Administrator

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Selectmen Seek to Fill Vacancies on Boards, Commissions & Committees

Selectmen are seeking to fill vacancies on the following Boards, Commissions & Committees:

Conservation Commission
Heritage Commission
Historic District Commission
Nashua Regional Planning Commission
Planning Board
Recreation Commission
Road Commission
Sewer Committee
Trustee of the Trust Funds

If you are interested in being a member of any of the above, please send an email to Town Administrator Jim O’Mara at jomara@amherstnh.gov.



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Amherst Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

The 2015 Amherst Hazard Mitigation Plan amendment can be viewed here.

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Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C. (“Tennessee”)

Amherst Board of Selectmen Awaiting More Information

Like many citizens in our town, the Amherst Board of Selectmen is following closely the information associated with the Kinder Morgan gas pipeline proposal. The Selectmen have not taken a position for or against the pipeline at this point as this process is at the beginning stages with very little information available at this point.

We will continue to gather information, meet with Kinder Morgan, with other towns, the Nashua Regional Planning Commission, our State representatives and also our Federal representatives to try and understand what options exist and to make sure that if a pipeline is built in Amherst, it is done in a way that is best for the town of Amherst.

Kinder Morgan released their open houses schedule for January and February with dates, times and locations. Please review the schedule provided under Upcoming meetings or events for more details. We would encourage interested citizens to attend and speak at the open houses and public hearings.

Below please find information that has been gathered thus far:

Letter to Amherst N.H. Citizens Re: Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, L.L.C.

From the Amherst Board of Selectmen:

Upcoming meetings or events:

  • No events scheduled at this time.

Past Meetings or Events:

March 23, 2015 – Board of Selectmen Public Meeting with Kinder Morgan

Kinder Morgan:

Northeast Energy Direct (NED) Project Information:

Northeast Energy Direct (NED) Project Maps:

Recent News Articles

Guidance on Negotiating Easements versus Eminent Domain

Other Organizations / Sources of Information

  • Protecting Your Rights when the Pipeline Comes Through – A guide to the FERC approval process and to protecting your rights during the process.
  • New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee The New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee was established by the legislature for the review, approval, monitoring and enforcement of compliance in the planning, siting, construction and operation of energy facilities.
  • Overview of the NH Site Evaluation Committee and its Process Slides from the January 14, 2015 presentation in Milford, NH by Michael Iacopino, Counsel for the NH Site Evaluation Committee
  • New England States Committee on Electricity (NESCO) – NESCOE is a not-for-profit organization representing the collective interests of the six New England States on regional electricity matters. It is directed by Managers appointed by the six New England Governors and advances policies to provide electricity at the lowest possible price over the long term, while maintaining reliable electric service and environmental quality.
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) — FAQs concerning Gas pre-Filing projects  
  • FERC Brochure (PDF)An Interstate Natural Gas Facility on My Land — What Do I Need to Know?   (NOTE:  this file loads very slowly)
  • NHPipelineAwareness.orgNHPipelineAwareness.org strongly opposes construction of the Northeast Energy Direct natural gas pipeline (NED) that Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas Pipeline seeks to build in New England, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Additional Information Links:

Town of Amherst Pipeline Committees & Subcommittees


Lucas S. Meyer Consultant, Public Affairs Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.

603.568.2511 (cell)


www.kindermorgan.com (website)


Allen Fore Vice President, Public Affairs Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P.

8 Anngina Dr. Enfield, CT 06082

630.725.3044 (office)

www.kindermorgan.com (website)


For additional questions that cannot be answered by the links provided above or for suggestions on new informational links, please e-mail: pipelinequestions@amherstnh.gov


To sign up to be on the e-mail distribution list for notifications about changes/additions to this page or upcoming pipeline meeting dates/times <<<<click here>>>>


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Eversource Work in Amherst

Eversource, formerly PSNH, has scheduled work in Amherst.  For more information please click here.

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SATURDAY, APRIL 25, 2015 9AM – 11AM








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Amherst seeks new Fire Chief

The Town of Amherst is seeking to fill the position of Fire Chief. For more information click <<<here>>>.

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Municipal Resources, Inc. Final Report of Fire & EMS

The Amherst Board of Selectmen look to Municipal Resources, Inc. (MRI) to evaluate the manner in which Fire/Rescue and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are provided to the community. For more information on the agreement and scope of work, click <<<here>>>.


MRI Study Results:


Final Report of the Town of Amherst Fire and EMS Organization Analysis

Appendices of the Town of Amherst Fire & EMS Study


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Request for Inspection Letters mailed on Januay 9, 2015

Letters were mailed to all properties that have not been inspected as part of the ongoing cyclical review process mandated by DRA. Reps from KRT, the towns contracted assessing firm, will be scheduling appointments for the last two weeks of January.  For further information please visit the Assessor’s Web Page.

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