Town of Amherst NH

Required Inspections

The following inspections are required after Building Permit approval, during the construction process. The Building Inspector is available for inspections on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays with a minimum of 24 hours notice required for all inspections. Please call 673-6041 x 206 to schedule inspections.

Required Inspections
Inspections and Reinspections subject to a $50.00 charge
Septic Inspections Required: 1. Prepared bedbottom site (soils)
2. Prior to backfill (bed completed)
3. Prior to Operation (all final connection to house)
Soils Inspection: Prior to footing/sono tubes being poured
Foundations & Footings: Foundation plot plan required prior to backfill.
Must be completely exposed inside and out and tarred.
Framing: No insulation or sheetrock installed
All exterior and interior framing completed, roof, wall sheathing, rough floors and stair stringers (with temporary treads) installed. All completely exposed.
Rough Electric: No insulation or sheetrock installed
All boxes mounted, including boxes for outside lights.
Ground wires made up with crimp sleeves (use crimp tool) on wire connections.
Use approved box for ceiling fans.
Metal box for dining room fixtures.
Insulated staples for Romex.
Bathroom fans vented to outside not into soffit.
Meter & panel installed.
Final Electric for
Certificate of Occupancy:
All light fixtures mounted.
All branch circuits complete.
Panel properly labeled.
All circuits checked before calling for inspection.
Rough Plumbing: No insulation or sheetrock installed
Nail plates installed.
Drainage and vent system test.
Water supply system test.
Masonry: Throat & final.
Final: Minimum requirements are as follows:
All utilities connected and functioning.
Sheetrock taped.
Rough Floor.
All interior and exterior stairs and decks finished and completed.
Driveway approval.
Oil Burner permit from Fire Dept.
Certified plot plan. (2 sets)
Water test, well depth and GPM
Well Water Data Sheet



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