Town of Amherst NH

Building Permits

Building Permits:

Building permits are required in the Town of Amherst for all new construction, additions, sheds, decks, porches, new and replacement septic systems, swimming pools, signs, and most improvements. A Building Permit Application must be submitted in order to receive a building permit. Due to limited Staffing and the increase in building permit applications, permit review will take approximately 10-14 business days. Per RSA 676:13 the Building Inspector has 30 days to approve or deny a completed building permit application once submitted.

There is a seven (7) day posting period once the permits are issued before work can begin. The applications and permits are obtained in the Amherst Zoning Office and carry fees as outlined in the Fee Schedule below. Whenever a permit cannot be approved, fees are refundable after a deduction of ten percent (10%) of the permit fee or a minimum of $1.00. The balance shall be refunded by the Town Treasurer upon certification of the Zoning Administrator.

Please visit the Building and Code Enforcement Department page for permit applications & inspection information.

For any questions please call the Community Development Office 673-6041 x 206.

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