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Town Administration

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About Amherst


Public Safety

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Fire Department

 Police Department

Community Involvement

Boards (Elected Position)
Board & Committees (Appointed Position)
Commissions (Appointed Position)
Trustees (Elected Position)
Village Strategic Planning

Access to meeting agendas and minutes can be found through the links provided above for each organization or governing body. To access all meeting minutes please <<<click here>>>.

Elected positions are determined through Town Vote.

Appointed positions are made through the Amherst Board of Selectmen. <<<Click Here>>> to e-mail the Town Administration for more information on how you can share your skills, talent, and time. We look forward to hearing from you.


Amherst Community Television (ACTV)



Office of Community Development

Parks & Recreation

Transfer Station (Dump)

Town Celebrations

Town Clerk

Property Values & Property Tax

Property Values & Property Tax


Tax Collector

Roads, Transfer Station & Recycling


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