Town of Amherst NH

APD Notification Systems

The Amherst Police Department is  pleased to provide you with information regarding two new notification systems available to residents.  Code Red emergency notification system will be used in the case of emergencies in Amherst and Mont Vernon.  Additionally, the Amherst Police Department has started using as another notification system for news that may not rise to the level of an emergency.  Greater detail regarding each of these services is provided below.  Neither of the services cost you anything other than whatever costs may be associated with your phone and e-mail providers.

The towns of Amherst and Mont Vernon police, fire and EMS departments, in cooperation with one another, have instituted the CodeRED Emergency Notification System – an ultra high-speed telephone communication service for emergency notifications. The system will allow the emergency service departments  to telephone all registered town residents or specifically targeted areas of the town in case of an emergency situation that requires immediate action.   The system is capable of dialing 50,000 phone numbers per hour, delivering a recorded message to a live person or an answering machine, making three attempts to connect to landlines and cell phones.  Code Red will be used to notify residents in cases such as severe weather, substantial utility outages, evacuation notices, missing or lost persons, fires or floods, major roadway issues, significant criminal situations, chemical spills or gas leaks and other community emergencies.  It is important that residents wishing to be a part of the notification system sign up for the service at the Code Red website.  The accompanying hyperlink can be used to directly access the Amherst sign-up page.  This service is completely separate from the school’s Global Connect system.

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