Communications Center


DispatchAmherst Public Safety Communications Center

Address: PO Box 703, 175 Amherst Street
Phone: (603) 673-4900
Fax: (603) 672-8477

The Amherst Public Safety Communications Center has been providing dispatching services for Police, Fire, Emergency Medical Services and the Department of Public Works since January 1, 2005.  The center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and handles approximately 50,000 calls for service annually.  Additionally, the center has a cooperative agreement with the Milford Area Communications Center to provide back up services to one another as needed.

The dispatch center is located within the Police Department at the Emergency Services Complex, 175 Amherst Street.  The center has been very successful at building a team of dispatch professionals, providing excellent service for over nine years now.

Full Time Staff Members
Gerry Beland, Communications Specialist
Robert Kyer, Communications Specialist
Danielle Gardiner, Communications Specialist
Eric Miron, Communications Specialist
Christine Fowler, Communications Specialist

Part Time Staff Members
Pam McKinney, Communications Specialist
Rick Todd, Communications Specialist
Ray Anderson, Communications Specialist


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