Town of Amherst NH

Summer Maintenance


Often times, an ambitious Capital Improvement reconstruction program limits when routine maintenance can be accomplished. The following maintenance activities will be carried out during the summer when time is available.

Street Sweeping

Each year, usually in the spring, a percentage of Amherst’s streets are swept with a hired vacuum sweeper. For the remaining roads, sand is power brushed to the road edge and sometime much later picked up during aggressive roadside ditching.

Catch Basins and Culverts

Catch basins are cleaned by outside hired equipment each year and additionally as needed. Openings and discharge areas of culvert pipes traversing town roads are cleaned as often as possible. RSA 236:13 VI (enacted in 1997) states “All private driveway connections, including structures like culverts, remain the continuing responsibility of the landowner even if located within the right-of-way”. Please check and clean your driveway culvert!

Tree Trimming & Removal

Dead and dying trees along the road edge should be brought to the attention of the Public Works office for assessment. Trees within the right-of-way will be prioritized for removal. Every effort is made to deal with trees within our capabilities as quickly as time and scheduling allows. Trees within the right-of-way and mixed up in utility lines are referred to the appropriate agency for removal.

Prior to any cutting by Public Works, advance written notices are left at your residence explaining expectations. Sometimes, we are required to deal with low branches extending from private property into the roadway creating dangerous situations for travelers. We strive to work with property owners to resolve these issues. We prefer to trim branches flush, leaving a more esthetic appearance. Branches can be trimmed at the perceived edge of the right-of-way.

Small saplings and field grass within the right-of-way, along the road are trimmed in accordance with RSA 231.150

Roadside Ditching

Each year several roads are selected and the material built up along the shoulder and ditches is removed. Drainage is a key factor in our road selection. Free flowing water into shoulder ditches reduces erosion, ice buildup, and asphalt damage.

Line striping

Each year, usually in fall, stop bars, crosswalks, yellow centerlines, white fog lines and parking spaces are painted within the limitations of the approved budget.

Grading of Dirt Roads

Roads are graded spring and fall and on an as needed basis. Processed crush gravel is added as necessary in appropriate areas.

Asphalt Patching

Patching is done on an as needed basis within the limitations of the approved budget.


The following permits are required and available with specific rules and regulations at the Planning and Zoning office.

  • Road opening permit
  • Driveway permit
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