Town of Amherst NH

Conservation Commission (ACC)

The Amherst Conservation Commission (ACC) typically meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm in the Barbara Landry meeting room in Town Hall.

The ACC was established under State of NH RSA Section 36-A:3. This seven (7) voting member commission is appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Alternate members are appointed to vote in the absences of regular members and they may perform any other duties of the commission.

Please visit the Amherst Conservation Commission (ACC) website

Current members of the ACC are listed below:

Board Member Term Expires
John Harvey, Chairman 2016
Rob Clemens, Vice Chairman, Wildlife Habitat Manager 2016
Gary Cole, Alternate, Special Projects 2017
Jack Gleason, Meadows Manager 2016
Richard Hart, PB Rep, Webmaster 2017
Anne Krantz, Alt., Secretary, Trail Access Designs 2015
Dr. Paul Indeglia, Treasurer,  Water Quality Manager 2018
Bruce Beckley, Land Acquisition 2016
Bill Wichman, Alt.,  GIS & Special Projects 2016
Lee Gilman, Invasives, Forestry 2015
Wes Robertson, Alternate, NHACC Rep, TrailsDwight Brew, Selectman Representative 20172017


Please feel free to contact the Office of Community Development should you have questions or need assistance at (603) 673-6041 X 206.

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