Cemetery Trustees

There are three elected Trustees who serve for three year terms. They work in conjunction with the Sexton on the management of the Town’s four cemeteries. They meet as necessary. For recent information on Cemetery Fields, meeting on April 18, with Attorney General. Click HERE for information regarding Forestview Cemetery Construction. The Amherst Cemetery Trustees announce a residents’ Information Session, to be held on Monday May 6, 2013 at Souhegan High School Cafeteria, at 7 PM.  The Trustees will present information and documents on the history of Cemetery Field and how they are moving forward to develop Forestview Cemetery after September 1, 2014. They will explain how the Cemetery Trustees are charged by the State of NH RSAs and the Attorney General’s Office, Charitable Unit, to manage the Amherst cemeteries. Current Amherst Cemetery Trustees are listed below.

Peter Bergin, Chairman 2016
       Marie Grella 2017 
       Lisa Eastland 2018
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