Town of Amherst NH

Capital Improvements Plan Committee (CIP)

The Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) is a program authorized by State law to link local infrastructure investments with master plan goals, land use ordinances, and economic development and by bridging that gap the fiscal realities of improving and expanding community facilities are realized.

As authorized by RSA 674:5-8 the CIP is the responsibility of the Planning Board or a formally appointed capital improvements program committee, to prepare and amend a recommended program of municipal capital improvements projected over a period of at least six years. The Town of Amherst last adopted a CIP in 2013 as the The FY2015- FY2020 Capital Improvements Plan .  The CIP is designed to be updated and adopted annually to provide timely tool to the Board of Selectmen and School Boards in long-range planning of municipal expenditures. Without annual updates the CIP quickly becomes obsolete.

To initiate the process, a CIP Committee will be formally appointed in the Spring of 2014 by the Board of Selectmen. If you are interested in becoming a Citizen Volenteer on the committee please contact Sarah Marchant or Torrey Demanche.

The committee’s work will start in the spring and end in the fall. The ten member committee will meet largely over the summer months on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays to evaluate the projects submitted by Department Heads and applicable groups to create the FY2016-FY2021 Plan. To be successful the committee will need members from the following backgrounds who are willing and able to meet over the summer months:

  1. Board of Selectmen (BOS) Member
  2. Town Ways & Means Rep
  3. Souhegan School Board (SBS) Member
  4. Amherst School Board (ASB) Member
  5. SAU Representative
  6. School Ways & Means Rep
  7. Planning Board (PB) Member
  8. Planning Board Member
  9. Citizen Member
  10. Citizen Member

Historic CIP Documents:

2006-2016 Capital Improvements Plan

2014 CIP Committee Meeting schedule and Agendas (as available) working toward production of the FY2016-FY2021 CIP:

CIP Agenda 04-09-14

CIP Agenda 04-23-14

CIP Agenda 05-14-14

CIP Agenda 05-28-14

There were over 54 project request forms submitted for consideration in the FY2016-FY2021 CIP. The project requests can be found below by Department/Committee:


Project Number Dept Project Name Request Year Net Amount
ACC-01 Con Com Conservation Fund Restoration-5 year Bonding 2016 $500,000
ASD-01 AMS AMS Gym Floor Replacement 2016 $75,000
ASD-02 AMS AMS Roof Replacement – Locker Room/Restroom TBD $80,000
ASD-03 SAU-39 Heating System Replacement 2015 $70,000
ASD-04 SAU-39 Window Replacement 2018 $85,000
ASD-05a AMS One-to-One Technology – Grades 7 & 8 2017 $132,000
ASD-05b AMS One-to-One Technology – Grades 7 ongoing 2018 $66,000
COM-01 Com Center Safety Complex Communication Tower Replacement 2021 $80,000
COM-02 Com Center Safety Complex Communication Dispatch Console 2023 $100,000
DPW-01 Public Works Truck 1 (1996 TopKick) 2016 $70,400
DPW-02 Public Works Truck 6 (1999 International w/36,000 GVW) 2016 $160,000
DPW-03 Public Works Backhoe 675-E 2016 $120,000
DPW-04 Public Works 2.25 yard Hyundai Loader 2016 $140,000
DPW-05 Public Works Trackless 2016 $143,000
DPW-06 Public Works Horace Greeley Road over Pulpit Brook Bridge #060/158 2016 $232,530
DPW-07 Public Works Boston Post Sidewalk between Souhegan High School and Homestead Circle 2016 $93,493
DPW-08 Public Works 2.25 yard Hyundai Loader 2019 $140,000
DPW-09 Public Works 2007 Massy Ferguson 2019 $55,000
DPW-10 Public Works New Boston Road over Beaver Brook, Bridge #109/090 2019 $75,000
DPW-11 Public Works Truck 10 2017 $200,000
DPW-12 Public Works Truck 12 4×4 Pickup 2017 $24,000
DPW-13 Public Works Tr-15 first of the 2005 twins (six wheel dump truck) 2017 $155,000
DPW-14 Public Works Last Phase of Town Hall Renovations 2017 $93,000
DPW-15 Public Works Tr-14 Second Twin, 2005 Dump Truck 2018 $155,000
DPW-16 Public Works One Ton 4×4 Dump Truck 2018 $65,400
DPW-17 Public Works Remove/resurface Asphalt Parking for Emergency  Safety Complex (Police, Fire, EMS) 2018 $156,710
DPW-18 Public Works Truck 2 (6 Wheel Dump Truck) 2021 $155,000
DPW-19 Public Works Asphalt Zipper 2021 $90,000
DPW-20 Public Works Truck 8 (6 Wheel Dump Truck) 2020 $155,000
DPW-21 Public Works Continuous Roof Over Transfer Station Sorting Tables and Walkway Deck 2021 $70,000
DPW-22 Public Works New Public Works Garage TBD $5,536,600
EMS-01 EMS Replacement Ambulance A2 2016 $225,000
EMS-02 EMS Replacement Paramedic Response Vehicle 2015 $28,000
EMS-03 EMS Replacement Paramedic Response Vehicle 2015 $29,000
EMS-04 EMS Replacement Ambulance A1 2015 $230,000
FD-01 Fire Replace 1988 Fire Engine 2015 $500,000
FD-02 Fire Replace 1991 Fire Engine 2017 $575,000
FD-03 Fire Replace 1994 Fire Engine 2020 $575,000
FD-04 Fire Refurbish 1997 Ladder Tower 2018 $50,000
FD-05 Fire Replace 2003 Fire Engine 2023 $550,000
FD-06 Fire Refurb 2003 Engine 2016 $40,000
FD-07 Fire Replace 2006 Ford Brush/Command Vehicle 2017 $50,000
FD-08 Fire Refurbish 2007 Tanker 2019 $50,000
FD-09 Fire Replace 2009 Ford Command Vehicle 2020 $50,000
FD-10 Fire Finish 2nd Floor of Central Fire Station 2015 $195,000
GG-01 Gen Gov Recreation Land Acquisition TBD $810,000
HC-01 Heritage Commission Amherst Stone Wall Maintenance and Repair and Education Initiative ?? $27,000
LIB-01 Library Library Expansion 2021 $800,000
OCD-01 Comm Dev Sewer Master Plan 2016 $100,000
OCD-02 Comm Dev 2020 Master Plan 2018 $100,000
OCD-03 Comm Dev Engineering of Sewer District 2019 $400,000
PD-01 Police APD/EMS Complex Renovation TBD $150,000
REC-01 Recreation Reinstall Cemetery Field Playground 2015 $15,000
REC-02 Recreation Davis Lane Tennis Courts 2015 $130,000
REC-03 Recreation Pickup Truck Replacement 2016 $32,000
REC-04 Recreation 2007 ExMark Mower 2017 $15,000
REC-05 Recreation John Deer Gator (Cart) 2019 $6,000
REC-06 Recreation 2009 ExMark Mower 2017 $15,000
SSD-01 SHS Repaving: Road and Parking Lots 2016 $600,000
SSD-02 SHS Athletic Track Replacement 2017 $220,000
SSD-03a SHS One-to-One Technology – two grades 2017 $132,000
SSD-03b SHS One-to-One Technology – two grades 2018 $132,000
SSD-03c SHS One-to-One Technology – Grade 9 ongoing 2018 $66,000
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